periodic delay of webmethod EAI

Hi. This is taeyong.
I have a problem.
I tried stress test by sending order data from SAP to EAI(webmethod).
however, I recognized a periodic delay (about 6 seconds) every about 100 order transfer.
If you have some solutions. please share it. Thx.

Are you using the SAP adapter to transfer the data from SAP to webMethods? And what is the average time taken for the first 100 orders to get processed?

There might be a possibility that while your transfer

  1. The link over which you are transmitting your data gets timed out periodically which then re-initiates to send further data.

  2. Connection pooling from the SAP side you need to validate with respect to webMethods as SAP might request a connection to webMethods and all the threads in the pool are expended and till when the next thread gets available the system encounters a delay.

How do you say that there is a delay? What are your end points to find out that there is a delay?

Are they being queued in SM58 ?

Because this is a question, which has a huge scope of processing, might be webMethods service taking time/threads not being available and all.