Outbound Idoc Problem

Hi All,

I am using Business Connector and I have specified the routing rule for sending the IDoc’s to outside from SAP. While sending an outbound IDoc for message type “COELEM” : I am getting the following error in routing transaction

“Com.sap.mw.Jco.Jco$AbapException126) NOT_FOUND: NOT_FOUND”

Can i know what exactly the problem and how to rectify the problem


Hi Vamshi,

I have a suggestion for you…If you are configuring Inbound(SAP --> WM) you can send an IDOC from the SAP to Webmethods.This will create a dummy routing rule in the webmethods with Sender,Receiver and Message Type details.Then you can edit that Routing Rule and specify the service which needs to be invoked.

Let me know if this helps.