Out now: Integration Education Package Cloud Edition featuring webMethods.io

Mastering integration technology isn’t only about knowing the methods and tools behind it, but also to know how to implement them in the right form. That’s why University Relations is launching the new Integration Education Package (IEP) Cloud Edition!​​​​​​​

Based on webMethods.io, the IEP refers to the main principle of integration, which is the connection of different software applications, systems, and data sources to let them work together seamlessly.

Thus, the primary goal is to equip students with comprehensive insights of the crucial concept of Integration, which holds immense significance in the current technological landscape. These topics are covered by suitable scenarios, one of which uses Google platforms such as Google Calendar and Google Sheets as examples for the integration of applications.

The integration of different software applications and systems helps avoiding data silos, reducing manual data entry and improves data accuracy.

​​​​​​​The Cloud Edition of IEP provides basic knowledge of concepts that are important to learn integration, along with a scenario, material, instructions and some exercises. It also has a dedicated section for new ideas and is constantly under improvement.

Students can learn what integration technique is, how API can be used, about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), data queuing, Workflows and Flow services and more.

They also learn how to use webMethods.io on a basic level. Students who are willing to explore more and know coding or have prior integration knowledge also can utilize the platform efficiently.

Have a first look into the IEP and see, how different applications are connected!

Advantages for Students:


  • Understanding how data is available in computer science and technology, and how can be extracted and manipulated for our benefit.

  • Motivation to solve real-world challenges (or have innovative ideas) using real-world data.

  • Using the real-world data to automate some computer actions.

  • Learn Data Integration which is highly demanded in the job market.

  • Learn a new, yet efficient programming environment other than typical ones.

Get certified!

Students who are interested to get proof of their Integration knowledge can get an online Integration Education Package- Cloud Edition Certificate in the Education Community. Students only have to ask for the questionnaire PDF and pass it.

In addition, the Cloud Edition of IEP consists of training material that would require each student enrolled to invest up to 30 hours of study time. Therefore, the participant automatically fulfills the criteria for 1 ECTS by successfully completing this course.

Also, don’t forget that students can earn several badges on the Software AG Learning Platform. The first badge is the Software AG Certified webMethods.io Integration Associate Badge, which is free and to get it you only need to complete the webMethods.io Integration Basic course.

What’s next?

  • Whenever you are asked by academics about a free introductory course showcasing cloud-based Integration technology, then just point them to Integration Education Package-Cloud Edition.
  • You or an academic need further advice, just contact University Relations asking for an “Onboarding Call”.
  • Do you have any new ideas for Recipes? Check out and let us know your ideas!