Odette Id Format On Edifact Doc

I am using Integration Server and Trading Networks 6.0.1 on Windows Server 2003. Is it neccesary to install another EDI ID TYPE in TN to understand a Euro Customer sending their ID ODETTE Style? It seems to be an ID with no qualifier. I did not see that choice under the list, so I don’t know if it may go by an alias name. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi, what list are you referring to?



Here is the link which mentions X12/EDIFACT diff External ID types/qualifiers etc…

May be you can also try that ODETTE Id type defined as Userdefined in your Euro customer profile,if there is no qualifier exist for that type.This should work for EDIFACT give it a shot.


I was refering to the Integration Server Admin web page. The sub-page EDI… under Solutions. There is the “Add EDI ID Types” link. Under that page is the list.

I think I have seen a similar (shorter) list internally in one of the services. The one gripe I have that I am not remembering, is what happens when one side (sender in this case) sends no qualifier. Here is an example (True ID’s concealed to protect the innocent.):


The zero would indicate our sender and the A be us. In there message and also when I spoke to our communication VAN, they said the format is right and common for the Europe customers. It was said that there ID would adopt our qualifier. I have to pain stakingly walk some of the services under the EDI/EDIINT package if someone does not know this to be fine. I am also going to try some mock up documents. I just want to know if it is going to default to DUNS or Mutually Defined and that this will be an always occuring thing. Because I do not want a situation of it adopting Mutual and a new customer working off DUNS adopting DUNS instead of Mutual. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Did you tried with UserDefined as ID type? but i am not sure with corresponding ODETTE ID type the TN likes it or not…some times with EDIFACT unknown qualifiers the userdefined selection will work with no recognizition issues.