oAuth2.0 implementation in API Gateway 10.5 trail cloud application - Dont see scope selection in Application creation

Hi ,

I am doing a POC on oAuth2.0 implementation in API Gateway 10.5 trail cloud application.
Grant_Type : Authorization code.

I created an Application and enabled the Generate Credentials option.During this credentials generation i supposed to select the scope .This process will generate the client_id and client_secret for that application.Same has been defined in the SAG API Gateway User Guide.

But when I am doing this Application creation i don’t find the option to select the scope.And while testing this oAuth feature from postman,i am getting Invalid Scope error.

Please advise ,why i dont see scope selection option while creating the application. Is this the limitation in trail version ?

Sridhar P

Hi Sridhar,

The scopes first get defined in the authorization server and later selected during the application strategy creation. Please refer this article that will walk you through the oauth2 configuration steps. http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Securing%20APIs%20using%20OAuth%202%20in%20API%20Gateway


Hi Ramesh,

Thank you so much for the quick information.

After adding the scope to the authorization servers,i can able to add to Application and test successfully.

One more question : Where to create the users for granting the access to Basic Authentication?


You can add the user through user management. And then in your application add the identifier mapping Identifiers > Other identifiers > Username → (actual user id) .


I mean where can we create this user accounts?

In WM10.1 we create the users in Gateway Administrator page → Security -->User Management section.Do we do the same in WM10.5 also.

I am working on trail version .I dont have access to Administrator page.

Hi Sridhar,

Are your talking about the API Gateway Server/IS (behind the scenes) specific user management section here? Also In the trail version-cloud you always have the Admin role for tenant based right.



I do have Admin rights in the cloud trail version.Buy somehow i dont find the option to create the users with passwords.

It would be helpful if you can share the exact screen for user management.

Are you unable to find this path in AGW- 10.5 or IS?

Gateway Administrator page → Security -->User Management

There is no regular Administrator Page in Cloud .Atleast i dont find it.I am using trail version.