Npm start stopped working

Hoping someone will be able to help.
I am extended the cockpit app for a few days and everything was going fine and running well.
Last night i killed my cmd prompt which was starting my app on localhost.
Since then, I am not able to run a “npm start” command without running into the below issue.

I re-run “npm install” which works fine and no error. I tried to remove the npm-cache and re-run everything again but i m always facing the above issue and therefore cannot start my app.
Any idea on what could be the cause of this sudden issue?

2022-10-18T11_22_58_313Z-debug.log (3.0 KB)


Could you please check the contents of node_modules folder? Do you see @c8y folder inside it? Does it contain the mentioned cli.js file? Try deleting node_modules completely and running npm install again.

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