Not able to connect to local host

While connecting to local host in 10.15 version, I am getting error “Unsupported or Unrecognized SSL message”. Please help me in this

Hi Prasad,

unfortunately your question does not provide enough information for further assistance.
Please provide the license type (customer or trial) and the list of applied fixes for IntegrationServer.

Is the certificate still valid?
Can you connect to the regular HTTP-Port instead of HTTPS-Port (evtl. via Browser)?


In addition to Holger’s questions , could you also check whether the port you are connecting to is actually a HTTPS port, this error can occur when connecting through https:// to a http port.
If this doesn’t help, also provide details on which client you are using to connect to the Integration Server, is it a browser?.

Also helps to check if the server is up and the server is listening on those ports by looking for messages such as “Enabling HTTP Listener on port 5555” in the server logs.


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