Non functional/QoS-based service selection

When selecting a service to accomplish a particular task, one wishes not only that the service fulfills the required function, but also that the quality (e.g. performance) with which the service is delivered meets certain requirements. Provided that a software developer has the necessary permissions, he can see in CentraSite the performance profile (KPI) as well as the policies (e.g. security-related policies) and the run-time events (e.g. policy violations) for a particular virtual service. He can use this information to select a service among several ones offering a similar functionality.

Is there a way to automate, at least partially, the non-functional comparison of several services? That is, is there a tool that allows to define consumer requirements and preferences on non-functional properties, so as to rank the services/exclude the ones that don’t meet the non-functional requirements?

Is it possible for consumers to provide feedback on a service (e.g. a note, or comments), from which potential future users can benefit?

Thank you for your answers

Hello Philippe,

such a tool does not exist as of today. Please consider raising this for discussion as feature request on our brainstorm site. My recommendation for now would be to consider a set of taxonomies within your organization that the service providers would use to classify their services regarding non-functional aspects. This would allow potential consumer to browse & search by those aspects within CentraSite.


Thank you for your reply.

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