no ocijdbc12 in java.library.path - Issues with External Libraries in webMethods IS 9.7

Dear Fellow webMethods Users,

One discovery with webMethods 9.7 is that our path environment variables in a Windows server environment were not automatically appended to java.library.path. We use a few technologies that require third-party, native-C libraries, and these would throw any number of errors in webMethods 9.7 about missing libraries. This was not an issue for our us under webMethods 8.2.

For example, Oracle 12c Type 2 JDBC driver:

no ocijdbc12 in java.library.path

It turns out this is a result of an enforced best-practice from Tanuki Software, whom webMethods OEMs their Java Service Wrapper. Instead of adding the following to our custom_wrapper.conf for our IS instance: Property - Java Service Wrapper, we added the directories required for our third party libraries to:

in our customer_wrapper.conf. I didn’t see this in the documentation for 9.7, it’s possible I overlooked it. Just wanted to post here in the hopes that it might save other users from wasting a few hours messing with system environment variables, service installation / uninstallation, etc.


Thanks :slight_smile: