Next Run %3d never in IS scheduler

I have a 4.6 IS schedule that has been in production for a long time. It runs on Wednesdays at 20:00. About 10 hours before it was to run yesterday, I changed it to 22:00 and it now says “never” in the last run column … and as it says, it did not run last night. I tried deleting the service and recreating it. Same thing. What’s going on here? These schedulers are rocket science!

When was the last IS restart?

9/15 … 7 days ago. It was an accidental failover … to the backup server … and then it was failed back over to the primary server.

Is IS clustering being used? If so, there may be issues there.

Did the scheduled service fail last night? I’ve seen instances in the past where the scheduler loses its mind when a scheduled task throws an exception. As a general rule I structure services that are to be scheduled so that they never raise an exception or failure. If the scheduler is indeed “out to lunch” – try scheduling something else that is innocuous – then I think the only way to recover is restart.

No clustering what so ever. The schedule just failed to run last night, period. Nothing in the error log. I can reproduce it by creating a dummy service and then creating a complex schedule against the new service. Go figure. I’m also observing the same behavior on our QA box. Our license will expire in just over a month, but I wouldn’t think that that would have any impact on creating schedules. Since I can reproduce the problem on our QA machine, I am going to try bouncing that and seeing what happens.

We ended up restart our production IS for other reasons but it did not impact this issue at all. Schedule still says “never”.

Any time you touch the scheduled task the “Last Run” will be set to never. So that’s why it did that when you made the first change.

The only other thought is that the start or end date/time or the run mask might be pooched somehow. Can you post the settings and maybe someone will see something?

Thought I recognised this question… (my answer from advantage)

RE: Next Run = “never” in IS scheduler
by: nathan.18130 on: 23-Sep-2005 12:36 AM
Is that LAST run=“never” or NEXT run=“never”

If you change the scheduled task definition (or just hit save even if you haven’t changed it) , then it’ll clear out the record of when it last ran…

If it actually didn’t run, then I’d check how you’ve filled in the task… Do a dummy run in dev/qa to play around with the settings, then get prod settings right.

Nathan Lee