New Cumulocity IoT Sensor App update available

As of this week, a new Cumulocity IoT Sensor App update is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. It does come with a set of new features and improvements.

The new version of Cumulocity IoT Sensor App now supports connecting to and proxying OBD2 devices into Cumulocity. OBD2 connections work via Bluetooth or Wifi. If you are interested in getting your car connected to Cumulocity, use one of the following tested adapters

New OBD2 devices can now also be tested via an all new Simulation feature, which allows full simulation of all supported devices. This is a feature we initially implemented for test automation and wanted to make available to all users. We know, almost no one actually has access to the physical devices Sensor App supports, so with integrated simulation everyone has a chance to work with and connect BLE or OBD2 devices very easily. Simulation needs to be enabled in the app settings. On iOS this is now in the Sensor App entry of System Settings app. All simulated devices exactly behave like real devices and send measurements to Cumulocity. By adding more device profiles to Cumulocity IoT Sensor App, more devices will be available for simulation and testing.

For everyone doing demos and trainings we also added supplementary actions for sensors. For every sensor it is now possible to create alarms or events or even simulate peak measurements to easily trigger rules in Cumulocity. To configure peaks values, new thresholds and intervals per sensor, we made a new details bottom sheet available for sensors.

All first time users of the app will be presented a landing view informing about availability and sign up for free trials. To sign up we integrated the Software AG cloud sign up dialog directly into the app.