Need to read Huge CSV file and store data in Cumulocity

I need to read CSV file from SFTP location and the file contain 36500 lines of data, so what is the best way to read the file and store in cumulocity.

@himanshutimes , is it device data ? OR what kind of data are you planning to store? Please note Cumulocity uses document based NoSQL database to store data.

Yes all data belongs to device only I am working for Water Treatment Plant, So data belongs to Boilers and other equipment belongs to Water Treatment Plant


you have to convert the data to JSON and push it to an appropriate API in Cumulocity.

Numeric values → Measurement API
Text based values → Event API

You could do that either via writing a Cumulocity Microservice or you could use integration platform which includes a SFTP connector and a Cumulocity connector as well.

I strongly suggest that you upload those measurements in a bulk request to the platform.