I have a problem with nderun.exe. I have a program that starts up a number of instances of another program in runtime enviroment. This program registrate a server against a broker (ETBxxx.)

But sometimes it seems like the nderun.exe fails to start (no Natural program is started), but the nderun.exe can be found in the ‘joblist’ and because I ask the broker how many servers I have started (but no registration has been made), the main program will ‘loop’. This will at the end use all memory, and we will have to shut down the PC.

In the event-log I can find this entry :

Faulting application nderun.exe, version, faulting module nderun.exe, version, fault address 0x00001452.

Any one experienced this problem ? or know how to handle this situation ?

Regards Claus

Hi Claus,
There has been no one else commenting on your post. Did you try finding a solution via support?

Hi Michael,

No I have not tried support yet.

I still have the problem, so I might have to do it.

Regards Claus


I had just a similar problem. Have a look at this page at cause 2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/184802/en-us

Maybe this is the solution.