Move a file from a file system (FTP) to another FTP file sytem using wM Flow service


I have a pgp encrypted file in a FTP Location of a partner. I hacve to take the file and decrypt it and put to another FTP Location which is a different file system. I tried PS Utilities to login to the source FTP location and I am able to get content and writr to a file in the target FTP location. The decryption is not working fine.Please help with suggestions

How are you doing the decryption? Integration Server does not support PGP out of the box so you’ll need another library or tool you can make a command-line call to.

First this you will check is PGP Keys… You may need that public key to decrypt at IS.
and then use OpenPGP package .it has some services and steps which u can follow i guess!

Public keys are never used to decrypt.

download the fiel using webmethods and decrypt using GNU GPG software .

you can use GNU GPG to decrypt PGP file…no difference.

Before we suggest possible approaches, we should wait for the answer to the question “if decryption isn’t working, how are you trying to do the decryption and what is the error?”