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Coming Together in a Shareconomy

This year’s CeBIT Show reiterated last quarter’s TECHniques theme about the power of the Four Forces: cloud, big data, mobile and social.  As these new technologies come together, they create a dynamic shift in how we interact and share information in what is now dubbed “The Shareconomy.”  This theme resonates well for our Tech Community which just saw the addition of 15,000 new users and multiple Forums from the wMUser community.

Join the Shareconomy, CeBIT 2013
The CeBIT 2013 key theme was “Shareconomy” which explores the sharing and communal use of knowledge, resources and experience.  The shareconomy is directly linked with the four forces (cloud, big data, mobile and social) introduced in the last issue of TECHniques in Matt Green’s article “The Perfect Storm is Brewing”.  These topics continue to be hot topics of discussion among presenters and participants at CeBIT. 
New Branding
Karl-Heinz Streibich talked about the opportunities of the digital revolution and introduced our corporate strategy, including unveiling our new branding, Software AG Suite – Powering the Digital Enterprise, and the four new condensed product brands: Adabas-Natural, ARIS, Terracotta and webMethods (as shown in Figure 1). Software AG received a warm welcome in how the company presented itself. 
Figure 1: New Software AG Suite
New Products
During CeBIT, CTO Dr. Wolfram Jost and Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of Terracotta, presented Software AG’s latest innovations for the digital enterprise: 
  • ARIS 9.0 - introduces the power of Cloud-based social collaboration allowing a significantly broader set of business managers to collaborate on optimizing business processes – available now
  • webMethods 9.0 – includes the market’s first in-memory enabled Enterprise Service Bus - allows customers to process hundreds of data streams in real-time - to be released in Q2
  • Terracotta In-Genius unveiled - the industry's first scalable in-memory intelligence platform – delivers actionable business intelligence from multiple real-time data streams – to be released in Q3
Special Visitors
A highlight of the first day at CeBIT was, once again, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to our booth as part of her traditional opening day tour. Karl-Heinz Streibich used our Big Data and Real-Time Analytics showcase to demonstrate for the Chancellor how public institutions and businesses can not only master the growing flood of data, but also use Big Data to benefit their own purposes.
webMethods InfoStreams Tech Community Showcase
The new webMethods InfoStreams, introduced with webMethods 9.0, brings real-time information and event streams to the right stakeholders enabling collaborative actions and responses. This is done instantly, independent of location or preferred device.  
The demo showcase at CeBIT was also a great success for the Tech Community team. It demonstrated the key capabilities of InfoStreams in real-time with the example of a live Tech Community forum event stream, as shown in Figure 2.
New to the Tech Community 
Another great success for the Tech Community team was the registration of many new members, the integration of the wMUsers Forums and Code Samples and the kick-off of the product recommendation campaign.
Welcome wMUsers
The independently operated wMUsers technical discussion forums are merging with the webMethods forums on the Software AG Tech Community. Combining these valuable resources in one location ensures that all users of webMethods benefit by having access to the broadest scope of topics and deepest knowledgebase available. With more than 20 topical webMethods forums and related products, the Software AG Tech Community will host ALL webMethods-related technical discussion activity.  The Software AG Tech Community now hosts more than 35,000 community members with the welcomed addition of the wMUser community. The full merge of all forum content will be complete by early April resulting in the webMethods knowledgebase more than doubling in size.
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