Migration utilities for migration from 7.1.3 to 9.5

Hi All,

We are in the process of upgrading from our existing installation of webMethods 7.1.3 to 9.5. The upgrade documents mention that there are “migration utilities” now available for various products now to help reduce the time to migrate.

What I couldn’t find anywhere is whether the migration utility supports migration from 7.1.3 to 9.5.

Also, it is not clear what all settings/configurations/data is migrated? Can anyone please give any pointers for this?

We are looking into these for the following products:

Integration server,
My webMethods server,
Trading networks,
process engine,
Task engine.

Thanks in advance,
Ninad Patil

hi Ninad, all of the information you mention is definitely there in the upgrade guide. Please open the 9.5 upgrade guide now and find the following:

chapter 1 - upgrade overview says you can upgrade from 7.1. Also it says “you can only upgrade a product
from its latest release.” For the 7.1 release, for some products the latest release is 7.1.3 (IS, MWS), and for the rest it is 7.1.2.

Integration server - see chapter 8, page 54, section Run the Integration Server Migration Utility. As you read this section, you will see the prompts that explain clearly what you can migrate.

My webMethods server - see chapter 6, page 46, section Run the MwS Migration Utility. Again you will see the prompts that explain clearly what you can migrate.

Trading networks - see chapter 8, page 57, step 11. This is the prompt in the IS migration utility for TN, and the guide explains clearly what will be migrated. Also you can search on Trading Networks in the pdf.

process engine - again, chapter 8, some parts of business processes are migrated using the IS migration utility. But you can also search on “process” throughout the guide to find all info relating to business processes.

Task engine - see the MwS chapter for everything that is migrated for MwS. Also you can search on “task” in the pdf to find migration of task related info.

I recommend that you read the upgrade guide closely for your products; the guide explains how to upgrade and migrate data. For some products a migration utility is available, but for others no migration utility is available. Either way, you must follow the instructions in the guide to upgrade/migrate.


Thanks a lot for your detailed response Marianne.

I went through the guide yesterday. I think the steps and details provided for Integration server are quite good whereas the details provided for MWS do lack some clarity.

E.g. For integration server, it does mention which artefacts, configurations will be migrated and also which configurations we will have to change after the migration ran. BUt such details are not present for MWS. For instance, I know for sure that the MWS 7.1.3 reads the JVM properties from server.properties.sh file for a server instance. But in 9.5, it reads from wrapper.conf. There is no data on how to change this config.

I guess I will just have to go ahead and give the migration utility a shot.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

hi Ninad, I’ve passed your feedback to the MwS team, and will see if they can provide more information for me to add to the upgrade guide in the future.


Appreciate that Marianne.

Ninad Patil


Can anybody tell where can I find/download the migration utility?


Hi Kesa,

Migration utility comes with product installation.

Thanks & Regards,

hi kesavaraman, there is no one migration utility; an individual product might or might not have its own migration utility. Also, since migration utilities are being developed in the time span of different releases, a product that offers a migration utility for, say, 9.7, might not have had one for, say, 9.6.

So what you need to do is find the upgrade guide for the release to which you want to upgrade. It will explain the procedures for that release for each of your products. Some might offer migration utilities, but some might not. The upgrade guide must always be used for upgrade, because it documents the procedures tested by Software AG.



Thanks Abhishek & Marianne,

Yes the migration utility is there in 9.5 at /IntegrationServer/bin/migrate/