Measuring xquery reqest

Hi all,

I’m measuring the performance of our tamino server, and I don’t see exactly what do these values mean:


My result:

5092 [main] DEBUG com.softwareag.tamino.db.API.logging - Timekeeper[operation=xquery, totalOperationDuration=4831, totalCommunicationDuration=4399, taminoServerDuration=445, xmlParseDuration=363]

So, communication is 4399 millisec.

What does exactly this mean? Network problem? When I use a much smaller database, result is quick.

So what does ‘totalCommunicationDuration’ involve (apart from serverduration)?

Thanks in advance


And the result XML document is about 27k, not a big one.


Tamino Server Duration - is the time taken for processing the request in the Tamino XML Server.
TotalCommunicationDuration - is the time taken from submitting the request to Tamino
until the response document is completely received. This also implies that TotalCommunicationDuration
includes the value for TaminoServerDuration.

Regards, Sri


Yes, I understand that. It’s in the documentation.

I’d like to know some more details about the communication duration.

TaminoServerDuration = processing query, result is ready to be written to the response stream

TaminoCommunicationDuration = sending result to the client

In my case, TaminoCommunicationDuration depends on the size of the database. When database is big, communication duration time increases (result is the same xml document, just selected from a bigger db).

That’s the point, I don’t understand.

What has any impact on the communicationDuration (apart from network configuration)?

Thank you for your answer.