making HTTPS call using anonymous certificates

Hi All,

This is my first thread in the community.

Could any one help me to make HTTPS call using Anonymous certificates.

What will be procedure.

Thanks in advance.


What is an “anonymous certificate”? I’m not familiar with that.

What are you attempting to “call” using HTTPS? Have you read the “Securing Integration Server” chapters in the IS Administrator’s Guide and the pub.client:http section of the IS Built-In Services Guide? If not, those are a great source of useful information on this topic.


Hi Mark,

We have got the certificates from the thirdparty.
We are trying to make HTTPS call from one IntegrationServer(A) to other(B).

As part of this we were advised to use the setKeyAndChain service and then invoke soapHTTP.

The soapHTTP call return the soapStatus as ‘0’ but the soapResponseData is coming as empty.

The setKeyAndChain takes PrivateKey and CertFiles as input.

Since no one shares their PrivateKey we generated a PrivateKey and used the UserCertificate and CA certificate to make the https call,but the request doesnt seem to have reached IS(B).

We are getting the following error from IS(B)

The required client certificate was not provided by /

Both IS A and B are 6.1.

Could you please throw some light on this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Can any one suggest on the above issue please