Maintaining SOAP session when using Web Service connectors

I have generated the web services connectors through webMethods by giving it the url to the web service. It has three possible methods: login, sendTransaction, and logout. The people that exposed the web service to me gave me some custom jave code as an example to calling their services. In that code, they maintain the SOAP HTTP connection:

Call call = new Call();
SOAPHTTPConnection shc = new SOAPHTTPConnection ();
shc.setMaintainSession( true );
call.setSOAPTransport( shc );
call.setTargetObjectURI( serverAddress );

They then make the login call before making the sendTransaction call. Finally, they make the logout call. The whole time, they maintain the same Call object and session.

Is there a way to emulate this behavior with the way webMethods generates the web services connectors from the url? Or do I need to write a custom java service that mimics the code example that the web service owners gave me?

Integration Server 6.1 - Windows

Let me know if you need more info.