Logged fields in designer not reflecting in MWS

Hi All,

I am new to wM technology, i am trying logged fields tab provided with wM 9.7
while i log the fields in i/o documents as mentioned in document provided by SAG but fields logged in designer doesn’t show up on MWS.

If anybody could help me,your help is much appreciated.


Make sure you have enabled the “Enable auditing” property in your flow service.

Share the screens shots of your flow logic to help you better.

i have logged settings enabled

PFA screenshots of service properties and logged fields tab

audit settings.JPG

Is process audit configured in JDBC pools on IS

Use the attach package for your training. Let me now any questions.
MonitoringServicesCodeSamples.zip (4.7 KB)

Could you check:

  1. The service logger is enabled in IS
  2. The ISCoreAudit function is assigned a external JDBC pool
  3. The WmMonitor is configured and connect to correct MWS


Can you check the user you are logged in to MWS has access to the services you want to monitor (in your role’s permissions)?

You might if you already can see them in the services list.

You should also check for

  • errors on the IS (stating some problems on the audit log db),
  • the audit log tables (the values are stored as blobs, so it takes some effort to peek there) and
  • the DB components versions (are the IS, MWS AND DB all updated for the same version and fix level?).

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