Large Document in TN

Hi- I’ve been using Large Document handling successfully in my development environment (HP-UX). When I made the changes in the production environment (Solaris), the same large docs no longer work. The document in question is 22 meg and is being sent in via HTTP post with content-type=text/xml.

These are the settings:


When I query both the Production and Development BizDocContent tables, these
are differences I can see:
PRODUCTION has the BizDocContent.MimeType = " text/xml; charset=UTF8 "
DEVELOPMENT has the BizDocContent.MimeType =" text/xml; encoding=UTF-8" for
a document that is considered LARGE

There are JVM differences:
PRODUCTION = 1.3.1-b24
DEVELOPMENT = 1.3.1 PA2.0, mixed mode

I ran this to determine what the encoding was set for on each machine:

System.out.println("Default encoding: " +
new InputStreamReader(;

PRODUCTION: Default encoding: ASCII
DEVELOPMENT: Default encoding ISO8859_1

***Does anyone know how to change the JVM default encoding? Which file is the change done in? Is there ANYTHING else to consider?

Thanks much for your suggestions!