Join us at Innovation Tour 2017

Unleash your vision without compromise

In today’s world, new business models have the power to create new markets overnight. Innovation is the only way for a business to stay fit in this ever-changing business landscape and software is making the transformation possible. Software AG’s Innovation Tour is all about taking the first important step in that direction.

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We have designed our Innovation Tour to be as much about networking with peers as it is about picking up vital insights and experiencing these in action. Tour takers can expect to have discussions with other industry leaders that spark innovative ideas. They can take part in informational breakout sessions, learn best practices and attend keynotes by international thought leaders.

Past speakers, such as Steve Wozniack, founder of Apple®, have blown our audiences away. This year’s lineup will be no exception.

Our Innovation Tour also offers a personalized, relaxed experience. At our “Club Innovation,” tour takers have a chance to unwind and engage in informal discussion. Our “Expert Pods” provide one-to-one demos, supported by product and solution experts from Software AG and our powerful ecosystem.

The future is yours to define. Be at the forefront of the next wave of disruption and take part in a day of lasting inspiration by joining us on our 2017 Innovation Tour, coming to a city near you!