JDBC Adpater is not able to retrieve tables from an Oracle in other machinegeographical location

Hi All,

I have a question related the JDBC Adapter. I’m trying to connect to an Oracle Database through a VPN. The link is up, and the JDBC Adapter is already configured to access the database. The JDBC Pool Connection is up without errors, but when I try to create a select or a notification in Developer it is not able to get the list of tables and select what is necessary to create my query.

We already checked that the access is working because the SQLPlus client could connect to the database showing the tables created.

Question: how can I find out where the problem is?
I think the problem might be with the connection but I’d like to have some help to test all the conditions… Anyone has faced this problem?

The JDBC properties:
Description JDBC Adapter
Adapter Version 6.0.3 Release Notes
JCA Spec Version 1.


Kleber Ferreira

Kleber, Can you check JVM versions.

Kleber, I had similar situation. I was accessing table via VPN.
The only way I figured out to access table via VPN is to go to Other Properties in JDBC Connection and set the Table Filter. Point the filter to the table you want to access. This worked like charmed for me for select operation. Give a try. Ex. TableFilter=’<schema>’.’<user>’.’<tablename>’ /