JDBC adapter connection error


I created a JDBC connection using Copy feature of an existing enabled connection. I get below error while trying to enable the adapter connection.

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource”.
Oracle Error: ORA-12650

I cross-checked the connection details of this new connection through SQL developer, its connecting.

If this is a problem related to class/jar files no connectors should connect but the connector from which I made a copy of is working. What could be the issue?

Venkat – Do you have required jars @H OME/IntegrationServer/lib/jars loc ? If yes, please delete the new connection which you created from copied one, re-create again. I hope it is a some temp issue.


Yes, the package containing the JDBC connections is taken from another server. I compared the jar files in both the servers and they look similar. One more thing is apart from the new copy connection, one of the other connections which is working in the source server is not getting enabled in the target server.

The connection worked after a clean restart, thank you.

Glad to hear that issue got resolved. Happy friday :slight_smile: