I am getting this error when EDIINT transaction is send to
Before that there are lot of transalations done which involves database query.

When large number of transactions are send then error thrown as [ART.117.4036] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to rollback transaction. Transaction state:Transaction is rolled back .

Can anyone please suggest the reason and how to get rid of it.

Have you mapped transactionName to your rollbackTransaction input?

I have not used any start or end transaction fuctioality.
I have called the ibuilt service sendEDIINT serivce.

Actually error is handled in the service,we dont get errors when the above error as given in the subject occurs.

But the errors are logged in the Monitor.

Can’t figure out where the error is occurring…IN Flow service or in TN.

I got the solution.

There was an adapter which used an adapter connection with Transaction Type as “LOCAL_TRANSACTION”.

Changed tha adapter connection to “NO_TRANSACTION”.

Now the error is not coming anymore.