connect (code=10061)

Hi All,

I appreciate a help from you all. In our production environment, we use the 4.1 version Enterprise adapters.

The adapter picks up data from one server and gives to the adapter in another server.

The broker is located in anoher machine.

But when we tried to disable and enable the data, the dapter doesn’t get ennabled with the error: connect (code=10061)

but when we do a ‘test’ in the adapter properties, it works fine with ourt any error.

Could anyone please help us on this? This is quite urgent.

I appreciate your earliest response as it is vvery urgent since it is in the production envionment.

Please le me know if you need more details.


Is there any firewall in between?


Many thanks for your reply.

I got the problem resolved. The activeworks adapter service had stopped running.

We restarted it in the ‘Services’ section everything was fineand back again.


Glad to hear you self resolved the issue…