Issues with First Connection Device Creation

We’re having some issues with the initial registration/creation of our devices on the Cumulocity cloud. We’re using the static template method to create a device as follows:


The issue I see is that when we create a device for the first time, it shows up in the dashboard, but with a limited set of features. For example, the device is shown as offline with unknown last communication even though it just registered and posted some events. Also, I notice that a number of the tabs (ie Software, measurements, etc.) are also unavailable. If I reset the device however, and issue the same sequence of commands again then the device is fully functional in cumulocity.

Does this make any sense, or do you guys have any idea what might be causing this? Screenshots attached


Anybody have any thoughts on this?


It looks expected.
Tabs on device management page keep adding up as you add functionality into the device .
For example software, control etc tabs will pops up when you add supported operations .
Read documentation
it says
After a reload of the Info page of your device in the Device Management application, you should see the information we just added.

UI does not show any tabs for operations. Up to this point, it was unknown what exactly the device supports, but the list of supported operations can be modified with the template 114 . A list of supported operations can be added here.