Is it possible to remove the Integration server's database references at offline?

I am having webmethods 8.0[b] and which is having database connection for audit logging.
Suddenly the Oracle box went down. Now I would like to remove the database reference at offline, in order to bring the server up quickly.

When I tried to restart the server without the oracle box up, the startup process taking very log time, as it’s trying to connect to the db and waiting for the timeout error message in many steps in the process of startup.


Hi Kesa,

You should never ever bring up a BOX if your back end DB is down as there can be a lot of coherence issues that can come up. If you really want to handle this you can replace the files in the …webMethods…\IntegrationServer\config\jdbc with files from a fresh installation so that the DB configurations get reset. This is purely a work around and remember if your server comes up and you dont have the DB connections set the services can behave unexpectedly specially if you have BPMS enables services.