invoke external wsdl/webservice

hello ,

i need tutorial or code sample to learn how to call external wsdl and how to wrap this with flow service

Hi Marwa,

please have a look at the WebService Developers Guide.

In general:
In Designer create a WebService Deskriptor Node with mode Consumer and provide the URL, where the WSDL can be donwloaded.
After wizard has completed, you can call the created consumer service in your flow service.


Hello Holger,

Thanks for help , i have already did that but when i try to wrap the consumer service in the flow service (which will be a provider) it doesn’t work !

what i want to make is a webservice that give its input to another one and make use of its output

Hi Marwa,

can you provide an outline of your code please for better understanding?

Also provide the error messages if there are any?

You can try the following:
In your provider webservice invoke a regular flow service (independent from the webservices/WSDLs, but it can be located in the same package) in which you can invoke the consumer werbservice.


i want to publish a web service using another web service ,
lets say i have an external wsdl that has an operation taking an input and provide me output
i want to make another webservice that give the above one its input and make use of its output

the first one i make it as a consumer and try to invoke its connector into my flow_service and link the I/O then make the flow service as a provider
when i test this nothing happened !

this error thrown in server logs :
[522]2017-12-08 18:44:59 EET [ISS.0007.0001E] Access Denied. User “local/Default” does not have permissions to invoke service: SoapTest.endpoint:new_wsd.