Interpreting Loki platform logs

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Cumulocity 1015.0.386

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Interpretation of platform logs (retrieved from Grafana Loki)

I am trying to interpret platform logs received from the device on error/mqtt contexts to understand device disconnect patterns.

Channel closed: DISCONNECT=false, TIMEOUT=true, FAILURE=false, clientID=txxx:cb4-a2eucpg1qa2208005109

I believe the message above means the device had a timeout when attempting to connect to the platform (we have also had a device disconnect event at around the same time), though I am not sure what DISCONNECT=false and FAILURE=false mean here.

Additionally, there are certain devices where we are able to see logs on the error context, but not on the mqtt context, although the device is clearly connected to the platform and can process operations. As far as I understand, all devices should have corresponding mqtt logs with the device owner as contextMap user. Is this understanding correct?

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

The screenshot below shows a device where we do see the mqtt logs, but there are a few devices currently online on the platform where the mqtt logs are not available.

Deepthi Deepthi

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