Integration Server Docker Image Externalize Packages

Hello all,

I am following the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide Version 10.3 documentation to externalize the packages of an Integration Server (with Microservices Runtime license) but something is not working.

Steps done:
1- Created an Docker Image of that IS.
2- Created a folder on /home/webmethods/dokerFiles/default/packages/ and inserted there only one simple package without any dependency copied from the same IS instance (new package that don’t exist on the Image).
3- Executed the following command:
docker run -d --name IS_Default -p 5555:5555 -v /home/webmethods/dokerFiles/default/:/home/webmethods/dokerFiles/default/ -e SAG_IS_CONFIG_VARIABLES_DEBUG=true -e HOST_DIR=/home/webmethods/dokerFiles -e SERVICE_NAME=default -e EXTERNALIZE_PACKAGES=true is:microImage

When the IS starts up, the new package is not loaded.

The configurationvariables.log shows only this line:
2019-10-22 18:19:44 UTC [ISS.0028.9999E] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: wm.as400.externalization.DynamicVariablesProcessor

I appreciate your help, thank you.

Best Regards,
David Pereira