I have made some observations about the performance of the ino:DisplayIndex command.

Fields that contain only a standard or a text index don’t exhibit a performance problem. On fields with a standard and a text index the ino:DisplayIndex command is significantly slower. If I query the text index with a start value that starts with a letter from the alphabet the response time is a few seconds. For other start values the response times are even longer.

It would be good to know if this is a known problem and if it will be fixed soon.


Hi Ingo

the duration of a DisplayIndex() for a text index does definitly not depend on the existence of a standard index on the same node. You should be able to prove that by removnig the respective standard index from the schema.

Instead, it depends mainly on two numbers:
(1) the number of entries in the database-wide vocabulary
(2) the number of entries in the respective text index
As (1) becomes larger or (2) smaller, the duration increases!

Best regards


That means the fewer entries I have in a particular text index, the longer it takes to query that index!!? I really did not expect that.