Incorrect schema of REST response for endpoint /application/currentApplication/settings

Product/components used and version/fix level:

1017.0.289 (Production use)

Detailed explanation of the problem:

When working with the OpenAPI specification for Cumulocity and noticed that when querying the endpoint {{baseUrl}}/application/currentApplication/settings (using a bootstrap user) the resulting response is not compliant with the schema provided in the specification (see Cumulocity IoT - OpenAPI Specification).

Therefore when sending the Accept header with value application/ (as shown in the spec) the response status is 406 - Not Acceptable without a response body. When omitting the the header i receive a response 200 - OK with a response body, but not in the format given in the specification, instead the result is just returned as a “key - value” list for each setting.

This does occur in a microservice context as well as when using postman. Is this just an issue with our deployed version/fix-version or a general problem?

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Relevant section of the openapi spec:

Response in postman when sending accept header:

Response when not sending accept header:

What is the actual content type of the response? Is it application/ What happens if you use that in your ACCEPT header?

To me this looks like an error in the OpenAPI specification.


To me this looks like an error in the OpenAPI specification.

Yes that was kind of what i was implying, the actual content type returned by the request is application/;charset=UTF-8;ver=0.9, the request works fine when using this content type. Since we are working off the OpenAPI specification this just popped up as inconsitency.

Should i contact our SAG support team with this issue, or is there some other place where this can be reported?

For documentation issues, you report them directly from the documentation by clicking on the Bugherd button in the lower-right hand corner of the page (button is only shown if Adblocker is disabled on page):

Alternatively, you can also create a support ticket but the maintainer of the OpenAPI specification is aware of the problem already anyway.

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