Ignite configuration

Hi all,

We are using Apache Ignite as underlying cluster coordination for our 2 API gateway instances.

Anyone know where is configuration file for Apahce Ignite?


Hi Ivan,

We can configure cluster of using API gateway the User Interface.
To enable clustering

  • Select Administration > General > Clustering and enable clustering.

  • Select cluster type as Ignite.

  • Provide Discovery port, Communication port and Port range. Port range will be applicable for both Discovery and Communication port.

  • Specifies provisioning target as hostnames or Kubernetes service.
    Here is snapshot of configuration which was done for API gateway. We need to add all the hostnames where API gateway are hosted.

  • Perform same configuration on all the API gateway which need to be clustered and restart all the API gateway.

You can refer to below link for documentation

First of all, thanks for your help.

Yes. I know we can configure the Ignite in API gateway UI but only limited to few fields.

I’d like to know is there any configuration file we can configure other ignite configuration such as
[ackTimeout] (Network Configuration | Ignite Documentation)

Many Thanks

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