HTTPGET and HTTPPOST restricting Length of XML data


I am trying to HTTP-GET XML Document from WM IS to a IIS Server (http://<iis_ip>/test.asp?xmlstring=…). There is asp script process the XML Document and set response back to WM IS.

But for one particular XML Document (12 KB), I got the following error.
<html><head><title>Bad Request</title></head><body>
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

From my observations:-
(1) IIS Error logs does not log anything on this error.
(2) It does not even hit the asp script, since I print some string on top of the asp script and it does not print
(3) We suspect is the problem with HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST, what was mention widely is that using HTTP-GET, you will have problem posting file size which is larger that 1KB or characters > 2,068

We did a simple test using file size <1kb> 1KB, we get inconsistent results.

Please advice.

Check out ->;en-us;260694

for how to change the max client buffer size in IIS.