HTTP Post processing time

I am sending a PurchaseOrder Request through http using java program to webMethods, In webMethods this request maps to canonical document and publish to another canonical document and wait for reply,

This reply canonical document maps to purchaseorderResponse document.

Total Process is taking around 5 to 6 sec, are there any ways to reduce this process time.

You will have to analyse the process and find out what are the steps that consume the higher amount of time.
If you close in on that, it would be easier to figure out how to increase the processing time
Good Luck

I handle HTTP invoke from WebMethod to a Servlet in WebLogic server in a try catch block. I observe that if there is a Read time out error in connecting to the servlet then my code goes to catch block, which is right. As I try to capture getLastError, I don’t get any specific error in that, which causing me further error as I am not able to trap the actual error.Though the right error is tracable in server.log but not in the code. Is there a way to handle this kind of situtation ??