How to support Web Server-less API?

I read the InfoLetter of Tamino4.1 Presskit, which said WebS is supported.
I don’t know how supported by Tamino.
Where can I get more info about Web server-less API supported features?
Thank you for your help!

Hello there,

here is the “Usage” section from the Tamino API for Java documentation of Tamino - hopefully this contains the information you are looking for.


Some supplement information to Trevor’s mail:

The webserverless access to Tamino is supported in Tamino V4.1 only using the Tamino API for Java. In consequence all features, which are supported by this API are also available with the webserverless access. The documentation about the webserverless access can be found within the documentation of the Tamino API for Java.

Hello All,

does it mean that the .NET API doesn’t allow webserverless access? If so, is it planned soon?



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It is not due in Tamino 4.2.