How to see payload inforamtion in EDIINT


I am unable to see the Payload information in the Transaction analysis of trading networks for EDIINT document type.
For other document types, I am able to see the payload information when I double click on the row in the transaction analysis after querying the document.
But when I double click on EDIINT to see the payload information nothing is happening.

Can any body suggest how to see my payload information in the EDIINT document that I sent from my system?

In the IS AdminConsole page of the EDIINT HomePage you have to select the option “Submit payload to TN”.You have to enable this feature to view the payload in the TNConsole.

Please see in the EDIINTUserguide for more information.


I don’t know what version you are using, but in the console for earlier versions, you had to set ADDCLASSES in the TN’s console.bat file as follows:

SET ADDCLASSES=%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\ediint.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\editn.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\cryptix.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\cryptix32-pgp.jar;

Also, you need to add the following to the CLASSPATH in the console.bat file:


This is for windows, for unix, you’ll have to use forward slashes.