How to rotate the public_apis_key with AWS lambda function

Our security team requires us to rotate the public keys every awhile. At the moment we have to copy the values under Embed -Settings-Developer Tools.
Is there a way to retrieve and/or regenerate the public_apis_key and api_key values programmatically with RESTful API?



Hi Hongjie,

Just wondering, Why don’t you define it on the IS/Extended Settings config- key/values or using Global Variables functionality your can retrieve it in your services/APIs based on your coding logic at design/run-time. Does this kind of config framework fulfills your needs?


Thanks for the suggestion. However we don’t have IS. The API keys we are interested on are under the webmethods IO embed system ( Embed Sandbox or Production - Settings - Developer Tools) and they can be regenerated.

Hello Hongjie,

At the moment we have to copy the values under developer tools.
Could you please raise a feature request for tracking purpose.


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