How to register dummy device to get credentials

I’ve did further investigation and found out the ROLE_DEVICE_BOOTSTRAP permission is a special one - you cannot grant it to your Tenant User. Instead you should use a pre-existing device bootstrapping user for this call.

To create Device Credentials programatically below steps are needed:

  1. Create a device request with your personal/authenticated User. Make sure it has the permission ROLE_DEVICE_CONTROL_ADMIN (api link)
  2. Try to request Device Credentials via this endpoint. Important: do not use your credentials, you have to use the bootstrap credentials provided by the platform (see here - but use the proper URL)
  3. Update the Device Request to “status: ACCEPTED” with your User. (api link)
  4. Repeat Step 2, this time the response will hold your Device Credentials.

See also the Device Integration using REST section in the docs for more info.