How to modiy the x-RN-Debug-Mode header in Rosettanet

Our 3A4 messages that we send to partner has x-RN-Debug-Mode: Yes. Can someone help to set x-RN-Debug-Mode: No? Where should I do that?


The debug header only shows up if the UsageCode in the TPA (under PIPInfo section) is set to “Test”. If you change the value to “Production”, this will address your problem.

P.S. Your partner may have to modify their system to expect the value change.

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the information and it worked.

Let me give a little bit background.
We were receiving 0 service contents in the receipt acknowldgment and our partner was hoping that it might be becuase of “x-RN-Debug-Mode : Yes” header.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Now by using usage code as Production we are still facing the same error where we are receiving receipt acknowldegment with out service contents as above. Partner says that he did not change any setup at his end. Any idea why all of a sudden this problem is occuring.


The ReceiptAck document only has one field. The OriginalMessageDigest will contain a hash of the original message for non-repudiation. This field will only be populated when you and your partner are digitally signing the RNIF envelope.

In the TPA, you will need to set the ProcessInfo - Sign parameter to “Yes”. In addition, the ProcessInfo - SigatureRequired parameter should also be set to “Yes” if you are trying to enforce end-to-end non-repudiation. In addition to modifying the TPA, you will need to import your partner’s certificates into the TN partner profile.

If you and your partner are not digitally signing the RNIF envelope (not recommended for security reasons), the RecieptAck should be empty and should not result in any errors.

P.S. Most of the RosettaNet PIPs require digital signatures for end-to-end non-repudiation.