How to get the updated XML after deleting a node?

I want to delete a child node by using xquery update delete, how can I get the updated XML after deleting the node?
I am trying to use getFirstXMLObject(), but it isn’t work~

[color=“brown”]Original XML

<?xml version="1.0"?> [/color]

Java Code
xmlObjectAccessor = connection.newXMLObjectAccessor(TAccessLocation.newInstance(ConfigFile.TAMINO_COLLECTION),TDOMObjectModel.getInstance());
xquery = update delete input()/bank/client[@name=‘Cherry’]

TXQuery txquery = TXQuery.newInstance(xquery);

TResponse response = xmlObjectAccessor.xquery(txquery);

String output = response.getFirstXMLObject().toString();


[color=“blue”]Expected Output

<?xml version="1.0"?> [/color]

The response from the XQuery-Update is a list of ino:object’s to indicate which document(s) are affected, e.g:
<ino:object ino:collection=“data” ino:doctype=“bank” ino:id=“1” />
The response is kept light-weight because you may be updating many large documents and you don’t want them being returned in their new form.

If you want to retrieve version of the document you will need to query for it either using X-Query (e.g. bank[@ino:id=1]) since you know what the ino:id is; or you query for it using XQuery (e.g input()/bank[@name=‘Cherry’]). In your code set up a new TQuery or TXQuery object and use that for the query, the response object will then contain the expected result.

Hope this helps.

I got it, thx so much~