How to get records

with out using adaptors how can i get 10 records from database.


You may get more replies only if you can elaborate what exactly your requirement is,why you don’t want to use adapters etc
But to your question i guess its not possible to retrieve database records without adapter service after all adapter connections and adapter service are the means to connect and retrieve data from database


what my question is ,is passable with out using adaptors to get records from database.(using custom code is passable?)please tell me how to write?

well u can achive it through the java code…

Yes,Devexpert is right using javacode you may do it but still you need to configure adapter connection or WmDB connection for that
But how to do it using javacode i am not sure,not an expert at it


Confgure, ADAPTER, WmDB in IS, give the the required information and configure,
use the DB connection name, and givethe SQL querry, it will fetch the required rows.

As devexpert pointed out, one can use Java services to retrieve data from a DB without using the JDBC adapter nor WmDB.

But if you do so you’re not doing things the “Integration Server” way. Nor the easy way.