How to get a flow.xml from one IS to another IS

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I have one quick question. What built in service i can use to get one of the ‘flow.xml’ content(flow/java service) from the packages folder of one IS to an another IS.

can i use ‘pub.client:http’?

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I assume this is a one-time development task?

In Developer or Designer, copy the service from one IS to the other. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

Flow.xml’s will be generated only for Flow services, and for Java services it is .class files. Of course, the code will resist inside src folder.

How to retrieve flow.xml >> Why do you want to do this / What is the use-case?

If it is just for recreating the same service in another server, use developer to connect to both the servers, copy the service and paste it to another server wherever you want… Just in case, if both of your IS versions are different, then you will not be able to connect using same developer. You can navigate directly inside the file system, copy the flow.xml and paste it in another server’s file system.