how to dynamically display images in front end using CAF based on outcome of flowservice


I am developing a InfraMonitoring tool for environment which has 2 or more Integration servers (Number can increase or decrease at run time).

Context (existing implementation)
There is a summary page which gives a snapshot of 2 IS’s in that particular env.
For example if 2 servers exist then the snapshot will be as seen in the attachment. Snapshot meaning, it disaplys green/red OR amber round image based on the outcome of flowservice.

Below is the requirement -
Now if a 3rd server is added , then in the 3rd server snapshot(with same images, green or red) should be displayed when a user referehes the page without making any change to CAF code.

Can this be done?, if yes how? Please advice…

Thank you…

Hi Shreyus/All,

I have a similar requirement, please help me how to achieve this functionality.