How to delete a Smart Rest Template without Name?

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Backend: 1015.0.278
UI: 1011.0.5

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How to delete a Smart Rest Template without Name?

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i can not find the Smart Rest Template in the Device Management but its still there:

in The Advanced-Adminstration i will find 2 Templates without Name. maybe this is the issue.

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

we are using Enterprice Version with Multiple Tenants. This one is on a with a customer instance
we habe filly admin rights.

What is the tenant url?

Hi Mirko,

just double-checking: are you sure these Smart Rest Templates are either not used by any Device? Asking since these Templates are supposed to be used by Field Devices. So - in case your devices are not implemented properly [1] - deletion of templates can lead to your Device Integration missbehave (up to Devices not being able to communicate to the platform anymore at all).

If you are sure, these two API Endpoints should be of interest:

  • Retrieve a specific Managed Object: link. Parametrize this with your 43211 and 96279 IDs to get all details about these Templates.
  • Delete a specific Managed Object: link. This deletes the objects permanently from Data Base.

[1]: In case a Device needs Smart Rule Templates to work properly, it should check it’s existance and upload them if not exising. This process is adviced/described here.

These are SmartREST 1.0 templates. The standard device management application does not show these. There is no UI driven way to manage these templates. I do not know what this “Advanced-Adminstration” you are referring to is and what its capabilities are but it is not something we offer in the default application.

SmartREST 1.0 templates are designed to be created, managed, and used by devices. There is no name assigned to them because devices don’t need a human readable name. The only need to verify if their desired template exists, create it if not, and then use it. Editing these templates is technically possible through the Inventory REST API because the templates are stored as managed objects. Although I would not advise editing existing templates in use by devices because this essentially modifies the interface of the device with the cloud while it is running. This of course comes with all of the associated risks and problems. Deleting templates is less risky but still can cause devices to misbehave. Devices usually verify the existence of their template once at startup, a missing template may thus require a device restart.

SmartREST 1.0 templates can be found on the inventory API via the fragment type com_cumulocity_model_smartrest_SmartRestTemplate. A specific template can be found via the identity API with an external ID of type c8y_SmartRestDeviceIdentifier

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