How to copy all folders, channels and durables from one realm to other one?

Hello everyone!

I created a new Realm in my Universal Messaging using the instance manager tool, and now I would like to copy all the channels and durables from another Realm to this new one.

I found in the documentation how to copy one by one, but it will take too much time to finish.

Is it possible to copy all of them at one time?

Thank you!

Hello Renan,

Do you need only the channel definitions (metadata) or the channel data as well (events)?
If it’s the first one, the easiest way would be to generate an export from your source realm (in Enterprise manager right click on a realm and use the Export realm to XML option) and then import it in the new one. You can choose what you want to export and respectively import.


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Hello Stefan!

Thank you so much for your suggestion - With it, I managed to copy all the channels and durables from the other realm to the new one as I really needed.