How to connect B&R Edge Gateway to cumulocity

I started the free trial of Cumulocity IoT. I have a B&R SiteManager 0RMSM1135:4G-EU device and wish to connect it to the Cumulocity IoT. For that, I need a certificate for making connecting between device and Cumulocity. From where should I get that certificate?
I tried calling the contact support, but unable to proceed because I do not have a customer number.



Trail tenant users do not have access to Software AG support. They can post on forum to get technical help mostly. Or contact Software AG sales team for more guided approach.
please contact

AFAIK, Cumulocity currently support password ( device credentials) based Authentication.

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@Gyan_Awasthi1 Alright! Thanks. I got an answer from the sales team and together we will work on it.

Many thanks!

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