How to call services from another project in

How to call flow services or work flows present in another project in
Currently I only see FS/ WF present in the same project it self.
Common Utility services, error handler services needs to be called from another project.
Exposed Flow Service over http but how to invoke it other projects?
If I use rest connector then change in the error doc (inputs/outputs) needs change in error rest connector docs in all projects where it is being called.
Kindly tell the best approach for using common services/utilities.

We have different approaches are there for call services from another project, Like we can use webMethods descriptor for to do that, If you want to call the services which are from same server you can use this :/invoke/ { Package URL’s}.

Hi Ajay,
Thank you for the reply. Currently I am using 3.1. Can you please tell me where invoke is present? I only see below things.

For webService description also , in future any change occurs then I need to refresh my WSDL in all pkgs.
Packages will grow in time.

I am looking for a feature that is changes done at one place should reflect in all the places, just like in your wM on-premise.

Hi @vaishnavi.s171

You can just type the URL in browser, That can takes you for invoking.
Just try like this, If you find any solution other then this let me know.

Hi Ajay, is SAG’s wM IPaaS application, local host does not work.
Just like Invoke present in wM on-premise, Invoke in I do not see.

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