How to Call-off Product Features

Dear colleagues,

I got from two of our sales channels the demand for Sigfox in combination with our Cloud of Things Service (Cumulocity IoT). The sales colleagues are at the moment primarily interested in the price and the schedule for this feature.

From our Account Manager I’ve got already the purchase price and the hint to address such questions via the empower-Forum.

My additional questions are:

  1. Is this the right form for addressing my question regarding your product offers? Do I get an answer via E-Mail or do I need to search in empower for the answer? (where?)
  2. What is the answer for my sales collegues regarding the delivery time? Can Sigfox immediately be activated or is there some delay for installation or tests to be considered for our environment? (presuming our planned contracts for licenses and managed services are already in place).

With kind regards,
Werner Hartmann
Offering Manager IoT PU
AW Sigfox für Slovak Telekom .txt (739 Bytes)

For requesting new product features, navigate to brainstorm in

For logging bugs, navigate to support incident in empower

For any sales specific query, communicate directly over email with regional sales team.